Lord and Lady Shitty Haw Haw (not the titular)

Filed under:poetry — posted by Schizostroller on July 30, 2021 @ 6:53 am

For the record,
I hate to pull rank
but my specialty
really did look at
the syntax of child abusers
and believe me
Shitty Haw Haw
uses that language
in his/her
austerity based
fascist propaganda.

To be frank
it seriously concerns me
as the song goes,
‘your children
will be next’,
that you would
rather shoot
and oppress,
the messenger.

And with the title
(now we,
well I,
am at the end,
of this journey
coming last.

I am glad
both me and my partner
both jumped
and laughed
when Hermes
picked up
my empty set.

And now the end is near
or not!

I move on.
You’re a cunt.

And I leave you with
what you already had
but refused to use.

At least
a modicum
of free will.

Not much of a
is it?

I know
Haw Haw
hates it
for one.

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