Review of Phenomenology and Lacan on Schizophrenia After the Decade of the Brain by Alphonse de Waelhens

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Phenomenology and Lacan on Schizophrenia After the Decade of the Brain by Alphonse de Waelhens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would have given this 5 stars for the de Waelhens, but for Ver Eecke’s introduction.

Ver Eecke’s introduction does a good good job of bringing up to date (2001) later changes in bio-medical psychiatric opinion (to De Waelhens 1978 papers), as well as challenging these bio-medical psychiatric opinions, but from the perspective reading in 2020, this section itself lacks (due to its publication date) even more recent challenges.

Whereas De Waelhens part is very good as a perspective on a challenge to Lacanianism from a phenomenological perspective.

As such, whilst Ver Eecke’s contribution to is a quality survey of later bio-medical opinion and its critiques, it is premised on the primacy of the bio-medical opinion that has been challenged by other models such as the cognitive and trauma models (and their relation to broader epidemiological social models).

Along with neuroscientific models that take plasticity into account, then we can use this later cognitive and trauma models to then come back to look at such phenomenological-psychoanalytic models again (including the problem of Freud’s U-Turn on the existence of abuse), but it is not necessary to (even as Ver Eecke does, ‘grudgingly’) concede to the bio-medical model at all, so it was a not a necessary foregrounding to these papers by De Waelhens even if it would have been perfectly good as a standalone book.

But these two books within books are somehow separate (apart form the specific attempts by Ver Eecke to compare, which are mercifully few)

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He Put the Faith on Him

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Influence is to hierarchy
In enlisted cover lists
As Ummagumma is to Meddle

And issues of hypostasis
Theological lack

First name terms
Appleblim gas
And coffee percolators

Rodney P
Sherlock, Cereal Killers
St Pauli and Faith

Dollshouse Consumer Ethics
And Schmittian right
To Choose Your Leader

But to take
No other part
(to which you are entitled)

The working class can’t count
The working class mustn’t count

Just a juryist approval
Acceptance as acquiescence

Id’s as easy

Shame sham
Shamer shame

Dunbar 150
Here come’s
The Judge
500 push up
Rude Boy

There’s a
Delay in the Vibe
You’ll Get
The Mugwump later

Art Threat

They were
No Prince
Now they’re learning
The Words
Or Absurdist
But it Never Gets in

They Just
A Butt in

In a word
“You don’t know
The meaning of
The word”



Ipse Dixit

Pass it on
Theory Henri
Big Stick

Breaks the Rules

No Blacks
No Irish
No French

Isn’t that right, John?

Just cos it ain’t against
The Law
Doesn’t make it
The Law

(Technically it is

I fought
The Law

There was no Alternative
(to choice)
All other roads were
Shut off

Heavy Kettle
Heavy Mettle
Heavy Meddling
Champion Sound
Heavy Loungin’

Big Dada
Big Brother
Big Sistah
Big Kaka
Bwana Baba Mzuri
Baba Yaga

No Knock Knock
You need a warrant

John Wick
Chad Wick
To Kill A
(done) Bird
Skin Walker

Market Stalinist
Lives of Others
Cybernetics is an Old Science

The Greek Stasi!

The story of
The Bakhtin Shark
And the
Gombrich Eaves Sham

Doggy Dropped it
(When a policeman calls)

Sick Parrot Mimesis
Pass it on
The left hand side,
Dutch chess

(It’s a Wrap)

Got it in for
Out For
Her Golden

The Leader
Of the Anti-Fascists
Hoi Sin

Make Dem Know
I Bowled Them
All Out Ten Year Ago

But the Pigeons are
Still a-shitting
On the Board
Like They
Are All One

Parrot Doley Arse

And the Cuzoj

Das Ding a 零 Ding
When the Pavlov Bells
Psycho Pomp
Toll Vier Ewe

Fucking Sort it Out!

Alien! Alien!
Schizo Jam