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Don’t get me wrong,
I don’t mind
Pop-up unions.

It’s those fucking
Flying Panopticons
that really piss me off.

Only you!

Hoisted by his own petard

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“He hated Lewis Carroll. It was a load of nonsense, and what’s more he spent too much time with that little girl.

Stuff and nonsense! That’s what it was. He hated it so much he had “stuff” tattooed on one set of knuckles on one hand, and “nonsense” on the other. Only thing was, that whilst “stuff” fitted on his knuckles fine, on the other hand there was only room for “nonse-“, the rest of the “-nse” he had tattooed round and down the side of that hand.

His mates tried to point out that he therefore had what amounted to the word “nonce”, at least phonetically, tattooed on one of his knuckles. “Yeah, that’s right”, he said, “I hate nonces like that fucking Lewis Carroll, and this fist is for punching them with”. Unfortunately, a lot of people still thought it meant he was the nonce. So he had to punch a lot of people. And even more unfortunately than that, some of these people were harder than him, and they didn’t like nonces either.”