More on chagrin and Weltschmerz

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That chagrin and Weltschmerz thing where you repeatedly speak of the devil and Christians turn up to represent… again and again and again and again.
Can only happen in an authoritarian nexus

(and I hadn’t even mentioned religion… just people who deny the right to defend against capricious, victim blaming authoritarianism in general)

More on oblique strategies

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There is an anecdote that goes something like this… Bertrand Russell had just given a lecture on solipsism and had asked for questions, and an audience member piped up and said “I’m so glad you’re a solipsist because I am one too”. So it is with much chagrin and weltschmerz that I must report that upon holding forth on the use of oblique strategies as a cognitive technique to get you out of puddle thinking, especially when one finds oneself in a toxic authoritarian nexus with victim blaming gammons telling you with extreme prejudice what you should be thinking and believing, what is permitted to understand (a priori) and what isn’t…

That a voice form the audience piped up and said “Well, that’s your fault for using oblique strategies”.

On the nature of oblique strategies

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When I come up with my oblique strategies (or poetry), I don’t necessarily, in fact very rarely, have any specific individuals in mind.
So you can be doubly sure they are not about who YOU think they are about.
In fact if you are convinced they are about someone, even if you are stupid enough to be adamant that I am meaning one individual or another when I know I am not, the fact will remain it will always be what YOU think of that individual.

Odysseus Unbound

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When the sirens
Treat language
Like Creationists
Treat Genesis

Should the ties
That strap you
To the mast
Come loose

It is useful to have an or

Under the water

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Demi urge
Partial projection
Partial reflection
Partial objection
Partial object
Negative K

Traumatic cycle
Beyond the pleasure principle
Can’t you hear them screaming. Underneath the pavement they are still screaming
Beneath the street the beach
The beach beneath the beach
Under the sea
Alien nation